Rowdy Rover Class

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs when out on a walk?

Are you constantly apologizing to others for your dog’s out of control behavior?

Do you find yourself walking your dog at odd hours to avoid running into anyone or avoiding walks altogether?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Our Rowdy Rover class is the perfect solution to transform your Rowdy dog into a Calmer and more Confident pooch.

What will you learn?

Is your dog overly excited when encountering dogs or been labelled “reactive” toward dogs? This class will help you understand why your dog reacts this way toward other dogs and how to change it. We will focus on how to safely and effectively build your dog’s confidence and comfort around dogs so you both will enjoy your walks again. Your dog may not like other dogs or want to greet them on leash but he will learn calmer responses when encountering them.

Our Rowdy Rover class will provide a controlled environment where you and your dog can practice and learn with others with similar challenges. The dogs will be kept separate (and initially out of sight of each other) and not greet or sniff each other at any time.

You will also learn management skills to get out of difficult situations as well as how to change your dog’s behavior using positive training techniques. As part of the learning process, we will play fun training games to help ease both your and your dog’s stress levels, many of which are played for just 3 minutes at a time.

Our Rowdy Rover class is Fun, Effective and Rewarding for you and your dog!

Class Details

  • The class is 5 weeks long, 50-60 minutes per class
  • The 1st week is for humans only, no dogs, and is mandatory
  • There is a limit of 4 dogs per class, 2 adults per dog
  • You will need to provide proof of current vaccinations prior to the start of class

Class Requirements

  • This class is for dogs that react negatively toward dogs when on leash
  • Dogs must be friendly with people they don’t know
  • Dogs must not have bitten or nipped any person
  • Family members must be 18 years and older to attend the class
  • Dogs must not have been in a fight where they caused damage to the other dog
  • If we feel that this class isn’t appropriate for your dog, we may recommend private training first

What to Bring to Class

  • All dogs should wear a front clip harness or head collar (or both) to class each week
  • 4-6 foot nylon or leather leash
  • 3 different treats that your dog loves. Some of these should be high value such as cheese, chicken or hot dogs
  • Treat bag to hold your treats or clothing with large pockets to put your treats in
  • Long lasting chew (e.g., bully stick) or Kong stuffed with high value goodies
  • Crate mat, flat bed or folded beach towel for your dog to lay on
  • Your hungry dog (no meal or 1/2 meal before class)
  • Poop bags
  • Chair

How to Enroll

Read through our Rowdy Rover Class Policies. Then select the Rowdy Rover class on the class schedules page, fill out the enrollment form and submit your payment.