Private Training

Private Training is great for families whose schedules make it difficult for them to attend group classes or who have dogs that may not be ready to work around a group of unknown dogs. These sessions are done at your home, a nearby park, or wherever it’s convenient for you.

Our Manners Programs (similar to those listed under Group Training Classes) are great for those people wanting to train their dogs in the basics and who prefer a fairly structured curriculum. These are private training programs that have a curriculum similar to many group classes but can be modified for each person and dog. These are typically done as “packages” of 4 sessions per program with each session 45 minutes – 1 hour in length.

We offer private training on the Peninsula (South SF to Menlo Park) and on the Coast (Pacifica to Half Moon Bay).

Custom Training Programs

We can design a training program to meet your goals. Just tell us about you and your canine friend’s training needs and we’ll be happy to create a fun and rewarding program for you. Some of our most requested programs are

Puppy Headstart

Start your puppy off on the right paw with house training, crate training, setting boundaries, chew training, bite inhibition, appropriate toys and play, proper interactions with children, and how to set your puppy up to be a well mannered member of your family.

House Training

Whether you have just added a puppy to your family or adopted an adult dog who needs a refresher, we can help you set up a program to make house training a breeze.

Crate Training

A crate is a wonderful tool to help during the house training and chewing phases and the best way to keep your dog safe when unsupervised.

Reliable Recall

Developing a solid and fast off leash recall in all sorts of circumstances.

Loose Leash Walking

Teaching nice loose leash walking to make daily walks and weekend hikes much more pleasurable for you and your canine.

Polite Greetings

Teaching your dog calm greetings when you come home, when you have visitors or when meeting people while out on a walk.

Behavior Modification

We provide private, in-home consultations for most behavior problems. Typical consultations are for issues such as:

  • Food or toy guarding
  • Aggression toward dogs 
  • Fear 
  • Anxiety 
  • Inappropriate chewing/destruction 
  • Excessive barking 
  • Handling 
  • Socialization 
  • Digging 

The first consultation usually lasts 1.5 hours and consists of extensive history taking, identifying your goals and exploring various solutions. After the consultation, you will be provided with a personalized and detailed report which includes the diagnosis, prognosis, management plan and treatment plan.

After the initial session, at least one or more 1-hour follow up sessions will be required to fully implement the treatment plan.